Review, analysis, abstraction, negotiation, and lifecycle management across multiple agreement
types and industries

Many legal departments struggle with a contracting process challenged by increasing volume and complexity, difficult to find documentation, limited visibility into deal flow, and administrative burdens. Merging technology, process, and subject matter expertise, QuisLex delivers contract lifecycle management and compliance solutions that lower cost, mitigate risk, and deliver increased insights to the business.


Wide-Ranging Experience

Our award-winning contract lifecycle management and compliance programs are used by organizations across industries and agreement types, ranging from NDAs to extremely complex corporate documents and financial agreements. To date, we have reviewed and managed contracts representing more than 10 billion dollars of sales and procurement agreements.

Integrated Technology

To drive efficiencies and automate processes, we incorporate leading technologies into our workflows, including artificial intelligence tools and contract management systems. However, by remaining agnostic as to which technology our clients use, we are able to provide honest advice on how different technologies may support workflows or whether utilizing additional technology would help at all.

Actionable Analytics

Our project teams track, collect and report on a wide variety of key metrics including contract status, cycle times, volumes, provisions frequently negotiated, use of non-standard provisions, types of agreements, and many other KPIs to support business decisions, identify trends, and drive continuous improvement initiatives.

CLM Consulting

We develop content and build processes to efficiently manage our clients’ contracts. QuisLex is able to accelerate implementation timelines and keep costs manageable through the use of dedicated resources and battle tested templates. We also help you select technology based on the specific requirements of your use case and design systems to maximize out-of-the box functionality and avoid customization or over-configuration.

Turnkey NDA Solution

We can deliver a turnkey NDA solution in a matter of days, leveraging our propriety prebuilt content validated by an Am Law 10 firm and our experience negotiating thousands of confidentiality agreements. It is an award-winning technology-enabled solution that includes smart intake forms and AI-assisted first-pass review of markups.

Contract Analysis

We organize contracts and extract information into reports and dashboards so you can make data-driven business decisions. Examples include M&A due diligence, building records in a CLM system, or identifying contracts that need to be amended in response to a regulatory event. We use AI to automatically abstract relevant provisions that are reviewed by cost efficient lawyers inside a meticulously designed and validated Six Sigma workflow.

Using our well-tested contracting lifecycle workflow and quality control processes, QuisLex can:

  • Triage contract requests based on criticality, risk profile, complexity, and deviation from standard terms
  • Assign contracts to the right resource, whether in-house or external
  • Generate agreements from templates
  • Negotiate with third parties based on playbooks
  • Upload, extract, code, and maintain contract data in a repository
  • Manage the complete signature processes (traditional or e-signature)
  • Facilitate the complete approval processes, and
  • Provide a help desk to resolve questions concerning the contracting process or system use

QuisLex is proud to have received the following awards and acknowledgements for contract services:

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