About Contract Lifecycle Management

Review, analysis, abstraction, negotiation, and lifecycle management across multiple agreement types and industries
Why Choose QuisLex for Contracts?
The increasing volume and complexity of the contracting process can pose a significant challenge for a legal department of any size. Limited visibility into deal flow and poorly organized documentation can place additional administrative burdens on your staff. Our approach minimizes the burden on the internal legal team for migrations, reporting, escalations, and approval processes. Serving clients globally, QuisLex pairs subject matter expertise with technology and process solutions to provide legal contract lifecycle management (CLM) that is more effective, controls costs, and mitigates risk.
Wide-Ranging Experience

QuisLex has provided legal contract review and management services representing more than 10 billion dollars in sales and procurement agreements. Companies across many different industries use our award-winning contract compliance and CLM programs. QuisLex works on a wide range of agreement types, from NDAs to financial contracts. We excel at utilizing rigorous legal contract review processes so your legal department can take on even the most complex corporate documents.

Integrated Technology

QuisLex leverages our expertise in multiple technologies to drive efficiencies and automate workflow processes, including contract management systems and artificial intelligence (AI) tools. Our organization is technology agnostic: we can advise your team on the pros and cons of multiple platforms, and our staff will never push your team to adopt a specific technology solution. We simply provide straightforward advice on solutions that can expand your existing team’s capacity and help automate routine tasks.

Actionable Analytics

QuisLex’s project teams use robust analytics to help drive efficiency in your organization. We can report on a wide assortment of key performance indicators (KPIs), such as:

  • Contract cycle times
  • Contract volumes
  • Frequently negotiated provisions
  • Use of non-standard provisions
  • Agreement types
  • Contract status

These comprehensive reporting capabilities can help you identify trends over time, provide support for business decisions, and inform initiatives for continuous improvement.


CLM Consulting

With the help of an alternative legal service provider like QuisLex, companies can manage legal contracts more effectively. QuisLex’s CLM consulting includes:

  • Content development: We apply dedicated resources and battle-tested templates and workflow processes to help with contract creation.
  • Technology selection: We help you choose the right platform based on your use case requirements, maximizing out-of-the-box functionality to avoid over-configuration.

Our expertise allows you to accelerate implementation timelines while keeping costs manageable.


Turnkey NDA Solutions

Airtight nondisclosure agreements are important for protecting client privacy and intellectual property. The team at QuisLex can deliver a turnkey non-disclosure-agreement solution for your company in a matter of days. In addition to our prior experience negotiating thousands of confidentiality agreements, we leverage proprietary, prebuilt content that has been validated by an Am Law 10 firm. This award-winning, technology-enabled solution includes:

  • Smart intake forms
  • AI-assisted first-pass review of markups
  • Template and playbook design
Contract Analysis

The way you structure your contracts can have a significant effect on your bottom line. QuisLex’s legal contracts services use our reporting and analysis expertise to organize contracts and extract key information that helps you make data-driven decisions. Our skill set includes:

  • Building records in a CLM system
  • Due diligence for mergers and acquisitions
  • Identifying contracts that must be amended in response to a regulatory change

QuisLex uses a meticulously designed and validated Six Sigma workflow to review contract provisions. To increase efficiency, we leverage AI to automatically abstract relevant provisions that can then be reviewed by highly-trained lawyers. That means less exposure to risk for your company – while keeping costs under control.


Contract Workflow Capabilities

Whether we are working with a major corporation or a Global 100 law firm, QuisLex can simplify the contracting process and legal contract lifecycle management with services such as:

  • Generating agreements from templates
  • Triaging contract requests based on criticality, risk profile, complexity, and deviation from standard terms
  • Assigning contracts to an in-house or external resource
  • Negotiating with third parties based on playbooks
  • Facilitating approval processes
  • Managing complete traditional signature or e-signature processes
  • Uploading, extracting, coding, and maintaining contract data in a repository

We also offer a help desk to resolve any questions concerning the contracting process or system usage.


Choose QuisLex for Contract Management Systems

With QuisLex, companies can rest assured that their contract abstraction, negotiation, and contract review processes are optimized. With operation centers in New York and India, we provide legal contract review services to clients around the world. For more information, contact us today.

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