Managed Document Review Services

Efficient and effective managed document review supported by AI-enabled technology and delivered by cross-functional experts.

What QuisLex Does

We provide end-to-end managed document review services for global, large-scale matters. Our patented review process reduces cost and risk in one of the most challenging and time-consuming parts of the discovery process.


Our experts have the technical expertise to ensure the right technology, including AI, combines with Lean and Six Sigma process excellence to improve the managed document review process efficiency and outcomes for our clients.


QuisLex lawyers are supported by cross-functional teams that understand technology, process and data. We support clients across 16 time zones.

Value QuisLex Provides

QuisLex’s multi-disciplinary talent takes the project management burden from outside counsel to reduce costs and improve the quality of review projects. Our data experts analyze patterns and trends to reduce risk in the e-discovery process and allow your legal counsel to focus on substantive legal issues. Find more details here.

Our professionals use leading technology, search, linguistics, and subject matter expertise to prioritize review workflows, reduce data volumes, and quickly provide our clients with enhanced insight into matter issues, facts, and trends
Project Management
Dynamically scalable end-to-end project management directs all aspects of review including workflow design, staffing, training and knowledge transfer, quality management, administrative support, and reporting.
Multi-Disciplinary Talent
Project managers, process experts, linguists, technologists, programmers and statisticians support the most highly trained, experienced and motivated reviewers in the industry operating within a high-performance ecosystem.
Technological Expertise
Leveraging deep proficiency with AI-based technologies and leading document review platforms, QuisLex performs comprehensive matter-specific technology assessments and implementations that enable clients to better evaluate costs and benefits.
Process Rigor
Patented quality management processes based on Lean and Six Sigma disciplines designed specifically for document review deliver risk mitigation, cost avoidance, and more predictable outcomes.
Process combined with robust analytics creates efficient, cost-effective review workflows. By applying leading search and linguistics technology, we’re able to prioritize/reduce data volumes and give clients enhanced insight into their matters.
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Related Services

Early Case Assessment

Early case assessment (ECA) is a critical step in the discovery process to estimate risk and inform case strategy. At QuisLex, we design and implement tailored solutions for ECA, and we optimize each step of the document review and data analysis process to mitigate cost escalations and risk.


Search Term Analysis

Using our proprietary search methodologies and empirical algorithms, these techniques help to streamline the search term analysis and first-level review and can be used to improve quality control processes, saving time and money. 


Multi-Language Document Review

QuisLex offers managed document review consulting services in multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish, Mandarin and German. Our team has extensive experience supporting enterprise clients and their global operations.


Document Redaction

Redaction removes any personal information and is a common practice to protect sensitive data. When document redaction is required for regulatory compliance, QuisLex can help deploy the latest technology, navigate legislation, protect sensitive data including intellectual property and minimize the risk of exposure.


Fact Analysis

QuisLex offers comprehensive post-review fact analysis as part of our managed document review services. As a result, we can control costs while enhancing defensibility and miminizing risk.


Audit Trail & Defensibility Analysis

QuisLex provides defensibility analysis services to produce a complete audit trail when you are facing a legal challenge. We can expand the capacity of your in-house legal team with effective managed services that anticipate foreseeable legal consequences and take steps to reduce risk exposure. 


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