Data Breach Forensic Services

We have extensive experience with data culling, managing PII reviews for cyber incidents and data breaches, and preparing notification lists tailored to meet matter-specific jurisdictional and industry regulatory requirements.
What QuisLex Does
Data Culling

Cull datasets to reduce reviewable populations through defensible, cost-effective, and efficient PII reviews.

Managed Review

Extensive experience with PII and cyber incident reviews allows us to quickly complete reviews under tight deadlines.

Notification Lists

Prepare notification lists with high-level analytics that assist our clients in optimizing their breach response.

Value QuisLex Provides

We design and implement workflows and templates that meet our client’s unique needs in the event of a cyber incident. We partner with the leading cybersecurity and forensics providers to offer a seamless, end-to-end solution when client data has been compromised. Find more details here. 


Extensive Expertise
With more than six billion pages reviewed over the past two decades, we’ve gained rich knowledge of PII data resulting in proven, efficient processes ranging from single local jurisdictions to global matters.
Trusted & Secure
QuisLex has received the HITRUST CSF certification, which is a certifiable framework to help healthcare organizations and their providers demonstrate our security and compliance in a consistent and streamlined manner.
Scaled to Deliver
With PII reviews and a large team of more than 1,000 permanent employees across 16 time zones who are all trained and experienced with cyber incident reviews allows us to ramp up quickly and complete reviews under even the tightest deadlines.
Global Matters
With knowledge and experience with the data privacy laws of more than 30 domestic and international jurisdictions, QuisLex leverages nuanced details by jurisdiction to optimize data privacy reviews for any region.
In-depth Knowledge
QuisLex provides operational excellence and process rigor for global clients with a wide array of industries including technology, pharmaceutical, healthcare, financial services, retail, and telecommunications.
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Related Services

Data Breach Notification Lists

One of the challenging aspects of dealing with a data breach is identifying all the people who may have been affected. A data breach notification list is a compilation of all the clients, partners, vendors, and other third parties who might have been affected by a data breach at your organization.

Data Subject Access Requests

QuisLex has extensive experience in helping clients navigate privacy laws and handle DSARs. QuisLex’s attorneys will work in close collaboration with your in-house legal counsel and governance staff to deliver legal process outsourcing for privacy and compliance programs

GDPR Compliance Services

Any business that deals with the personal data of EU residents must comply with GDPR and QuisLex implements global, comprehensive protocols to ensure GDPR compliance.

CCPA Compliance Services

QuisLex can help update your privacy policies to comply with CCPA, have a system in place to process data requests and put processes in place to respond in the event of a breach.

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