QuisLex Services

QuisLex’s exceptionally talented lawyers, technologists, process and quality control professionals are expert in designing and implementing comprehensive solutions to our clients’ most difficult challenges.

We approach every engagement with the same goal in mind: leverage our multi-disciplinary expertise to deliver what our clients care about most: quality, efficiency, risk mitigation, and lower cost. A consultative, programmatic approach is embedded in our DNA and underpins all QuisLex services. We are proud to have been recognized for depth and solutions in three different service areas for our clients: litigation, contracts and M&A.


Document review and analysis for regulatory and internal investigations, litigations, and compliance reviews.


Review, analysis, abstraction, negotiation, and consulting across multiple agreement types and industries.

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Due diligence and related support for mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs, divestitures, and corporate restructurings.

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Customized program design and support to help comply with regulatory requirements or internal policies.

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Legal Operations 

Strategic planning and execution for companies intent on running their legal departments like a business.

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Legal Spend Management

Invoice review programs to monitor compliance with billing guidelines and develop meaningful legal spend analytics.

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