Mergers & Acquisitions

Pre- and post-deal support that balances speed and accuracy for efficient and thorough due diligence. Our model helps deals close faster with higher ROI and lessens the cost impact of deals that do not close.
What QuisLex Does

With large, highly specialized teams of full-time attorneys, we scale up quickly to meet even the most aggressive deal-driven timelines. We can support real-time communications across 16 time zones.


Our battle-tested M&A teams combine deep expertise with contract due diligence and operational experts to meet demanding deadlines, ensure quality and save millions.


We leverage leading-edge tools specifically built for abstracting provisions relevant to M&A transactions, such as change of control and assignment provisions.

The Value QuisLex Provides

The significant volume of contracts and documents requiring review makes it a challenge for law firms and corporate legal departments to perform due diligence while keeping costs under control. Our highly competitive cost M&A solutions are delivered by dedicated teams that have experience with deals in industries such as Technology, Pharma, Retail, Finance, Insurance, and Banking. Find more details here. 


Highly Experienced
Our senior management team is led by attorneys with decades of experience at premier M&A firms, including Shearman & Sterling, Skadden, and Simpson Thacher.
Rapid Deployment
We scale to get projects started quickly and tailor our standardized review guidance and templates to the specifics of your review and timeline.
Technology Enabled
Our due diligence experts leverage abstraction technology for nuanced analysis and provide quality control on the results.
Superior Efficiency
Our teams leverage collaboration platforms and technology to limit redundant work and increases speed at every turn.
Predictable Fees
Our fixed pricing option provides budget predictability and eliminates the risk of cost overruns.
Attractive Pricing
We leverage process efficiencies so we can offer lower cost structures, and we do not bill for overtime.
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Related Services

Due Diligence Support Services

At QuisLex, we know just how important rigorous and complete due diligence is, regardless of the size of a transaction. We are experts at offering thorough and efficient due diligence support services for corporations and Global 100 law firms.


Divesting assets is a common practice in business and requires strict attention to process, documentation, and due diligence. QuisLex offers expert services for project management and mitigating risk in the divestiture process.


Corporate Restructuring

A great deal of oversight and a solid legal strategy is required when reorganizing an enterprise’s finances, operations, and management systems. Our experts provide a deep bench of due diligence and operational experts that help expand your capacity and remove the uncertainty from the corporate restructuring process.


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