A divestiture may be a necessary step when a company needs to restructure debt, better align with its business strategy, or free up capital for new ventures. Regardless of the triggering event, divestitures have significant legal implications for companies, which can result in an overwhelming amount of work for an in-house legal department.
At QuisLex, we provide legal process outsourcing and comprehensive managed services to support corporations all over the world and across multiple industries. A minority business enterprise (MBE) company headquartered in New York City and Hyderabad, India, QuisLex brings together corporate law expertise and advanced technology to deliver consistent results.
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Advanced Solutions for Divestitures

At QuisLex, a key aspect of our managed legal services is support for corporate restructuring, including divestitures, mergers, and acquisitions. We take a cross-functional approach, combining knowledge of law and technological capabilities to deliver tailored solutions for each client engagement.

We understand that the process of divesting assets can present a major challenge for both management and internal counsel – and can even be a process that is fraught with stress and emotion. QuisLex draws on our experience supporting hundreds of transactions for both buy- and sell-side clients. Our pool of over 300  permanent employees with corporate restructuring experience is led by an executive leadership team that boasts experience at some of the top mergers and acquisitions (M&A) law firms.

With a customizable suite of services, we support clients at each step of the divestiture process, going well beyond due diligence to design end-to-end workflow solutions. Our capabilities include:

  • Data room preparation
  • Contract collection
  • Redaction of sensitive documents
  • Preparation of disclosure schedules
  • Contract splitting and carve-outs for asset sales or disposal
  • Drafting of risk summaries
Technology Implementation and Support

QuisLex has advanced expertise in cutting-edge legal technologies. Our in-house programmers and data scientists are well-versed in multiple legal platforms – and we can develop tailored applications for individual clients.

We use artificial intelligence (AI) tools to automatically abstract relevant contract provisions to perform thorough due diligence. While we draw on technology to automate routine processes and expedite document review, our due diligence processes are always examined by lawyers in our validated Six Sigma workflow. And because QuisLex is technology-agnostic, we can advise clients on the pros and cons of adopting different tools to improve their processes.

For serial divestors, we can create standardized models to deploy replicable practices across multiple deals and collect data across similar transactions to compare effectiveness and strategy. QuisLex draws on powerful analytics to track metrics across our work, providing business intelligence insights and driving efficiencies that can help our clients long-term.

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For expert legal process outsourcing that balances precision and efficiency, turn to QuisLex. With over 1,000 highly trained permanent staff members, our team provides nimble, scalable services for Global 100 law firms and major corporations. In addition to mergers and acquisitions, we cover:

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