Legal Spend Management Solutions

Legal departments intent on running like a business take advantage of our innovations in legal spend management, vendor management, staff augmentation, and more. It all starts with a deep understanding of legal spend data.
What QuisLex Does

We help corporate legal departments establish effective outside counsel guidelines and deploy legal spend technology based on decades of experience and benchmarking data.


Our team reviews 100% of invoices to ensure compliance and organize data, while relieving administrative burdens on in-house lawyers and staff.


We track history and study data to uncover trends in legal spend to reduce overall cost, enable predictive spend modeling and drive productivity and value.

The Value QuisLex Provides

Our legal operations process innovations help you run your legal department like a business by designing and implementing robust programs for legal spend management. We reduce cost by enforcing outside counsel guidelines, and then use spend data to improve performance throughout the legal team. Find more details here. 


Process Expertise
We apply process consistency to outside counsel guideline enforcement and comprehensive invoice review.
Technology Acumen
Our team leverages and optimizes the technology of your choice to implement a robust vendor management program, invoice analysis and eBilling support.
Meticulous Review
Our Six Sigma processes result in 100% invoice review to uncover savings opportunities, correctly and accurately identifying non-compliant costs and providing the analyses needed to continually improve your department.
Focus on KPIs
Our teams understand metrics and manage to a set of KPIs that lead to better resource management, cost savings and productivity on a continuous basis.
ROI Transparency
The ROI delivered by your legal spend management program will be clearly visible as part of our complete data capture and sophisticated dashboards.
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Related Services

Invoice Review

Leveraging Six Sigma processes and legal expertise that enables keen understanding of legal bills, our team uncovers savings and enforces outside guideline compliance on behalf of corporate legal departments.

Predictive Modeling

Our data analytics capabilities are put to use in providing predictive “if, then” scenarios that help general counsel and legal operations make strategic decisions about allocating work and revising outside counsel guidelines.


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