Contract Negotiation

Whether you’re setting up a standard vendor agreement, an employee NDA, or a complex corporate deal, the contract negotiation process is a key step. However, many legal departments lack the resources needed to draft, review, and negotiate each contract thoroughly. That’s where QuisLex steps in – we provide contract lifecycle management (CLM) across many different agreement types and industries. A minority-owned business enterprise (MBE) with headquarters in Hyderabad, India, and New York, QuisLex serves corporations and Global 100 law firms around the world.
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How We Support Contract Negotiation

Although we can tailor our services to each client’s needs, QuisLex typically takes a holistic approach to the contracting process, offering end-to-end management services to ensure each deal is executed effectively. Regardless of the size of your existing legal team, we can assist at each step of the way, including:

  • Contract review
  • Contract analysis
  • Contract abstraction
  • Contract negotiation

We draw on our extensive experience to provide you with customizable templates. Our team can carry out negotiations based on your company’s existing playbook or advise you on strategy as needed. Best of all, our project teams track and analyze a range of key metrics, such as contract cycle times, volumes, and frequently negotiated provisions. With these robust insights, you can identify trends and areas for improvement, and better inform your business decisions moving forward.

Benefits of Contract Lifecycle Management

Because we customize our services to your organization’s specific circumstances, you will find that using our CLM services helps streamline your legal counsel’s existing workflows. The many advantages of taking an end-to-end contract lifecycle management approach include:

  • Efficiency: Leveraging automation and AI technology allows us to move through the negotiation process quickly while ensuring each contract is thoroughly analyzed. Plus, CLM tools offer built-in electronic signing functions or integrate with an e-sign tool, so execution is faster. 
  • Visibility: Our team will organize your contracts into a user-friendly dashboard, so it’s easy to monitor your deals and pull reports. With all your documentation in a centralized location, you can quickly find what you need.
  • Risk management: With a strong CLM process in place, you can be confident that your contracts will perform as intended, helping to mitigate risk for your organization.
The QuisLex Team

When you choose QuisLex, you can be confident in our award-winning CLM programs. We serve clients across many different industries and work on numerous agreement types. Our team has worked on more than 300,000 contracts to date, representing over $10 billion in value.

Offering competitive pay with attractive benefits packages, QuisLex recruits both experienced attorneys and recent law school graduates from the top firms and schools in the United States, United Kingdom, and India. We have over 1,000 dedicated, permanent staff across our offices. Our lawyers are supported by skilled statisticians, data specialists, and technologists. Using a cross-functional model, we can rapidly scale up our clients’ operational capacity. By managing and automating routine tasks, we allow your team to focus on other priorities while ensuring that each contract is executed correctly.

QuisLex is dedicated to investing in our staff and gives each employee the opportunity for formal mentoring. We also engage our staff in our philanthropic work across India and the U.S. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a core value at QuisLex, and we give back to our communities through partnerships with organizations such as:

  • The Silicon Valley Law Foundation
  • Brooklyn Bar Association Volunteer Lawyers Project
  • Big Brothers and Big Sisters of New York
  • Make Room For Debate
  • The Day One Foundation

For years, we have invested in charitable organizations in India, including QuisLex Primary School, where we fund teacher salaries, computers, textbooks, and supplies.

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If your company is in the market for an experienced and versatile ALSP, choose QuisLex. In addition to contract negotiation and review, we provide a host of client services including:

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