New York Review Center. In July 2016, QuisLex opened its first large‑scale US‑based execution center. Located at 200 Liberty Street in the financial district of New York City, the center accommodates 200 fulltime and project‑based employees and is state‑of‑the‑art in design specific to delivering legal services.

This highly secure center, a multi‑million dollar build‑out, was designed as a people‑centric space that sets the tone and standard for high performance work, maximizing efficiency and productivity. This includes features to:

  • Streamline remote or in‑person training
  • Facilitate oversight by outside counsel
  • Maintain high employee morale, and
  • Create a welcoming and productive working environment.

“We must continue our relentless focus and commitment to those things that have become synonymous with QuisLex: our culture of focusing on our clients and our employees, the passion that we bring to work, and our dedication to excellence.” Ram Vasudevan, CEO

Project‑based employees will work alongside QuisLex’s fulltime employees and benefit from the same culture, processes, and infrastructure that have proven so beneficial to our clients.

All employees will be trained on our patented and award‑winning quality processes and will be supported by our quality management, technology, data security, and project management teams in an environment designed for the delivery of high quality work.


Workspace Features

  • Private offices for visiting attorneys
  • Configurable project workspaces
  • Soundproof project rooms
  • State‑of‑the‑art audio visual systems
  • Ergonomic work environment
  • Advanced technological infrastructure

Security Controls

  • ISO security standards
  • 24/7 live CCTV monitoring
  • Biometric access control  system
  • Physically segregated project areas
  • Leading firewalls, IPS and IDS systems
  • Segregated project networks
  • Secure private lockers
  • Controlled email, internet, external media, and printing access