QuisLex First Company in Legal Industry to Earn Prestigious COPC Certification

May 21, 2019 in Awards & Recognition

QuisLex First Company in Legal Industry to Earn Prestigious COPC Certification

QuisLex is proud to receive the prestigious COPC Customer Experience (CX) Standard Certification for Service Providers

May 21, 2019 QuisLex, a leading alternative legal service provider, announced today that it has earned the COPC Customer Experience (CX) Standard Certification for Service Providers. The COPC CX Standard is the most prestigious and widely used performance management system for customer experience operations worldwide.

“Certification to the COPC CX Standard reiterates our commitment to excellence and recognizes our consistency in delivering the highest standards of service to our clients,” says Ram Vasudevan, QuisLex CEO.

Certification to the COPC CX Standard provides recognition and validation of a company’s outstanding operational performance in providing an exceptional customer experience. Additionally, the certification validates that an organization is using consistent processes and best practices to achieve the high performance on measures such as quality, efficiency, service and client satisfaction.

“The work environment of legal service providers is complex and highly impactful, and we had to work with several constraints that come with this type of work. During the project, this required careful and meticulous planning and deployment,” says Shreekant Vijaykar, Director of South Asian Operations for COPC APAC Region, and lead consultant and auditor for the project. “QuisLex was able to customize several recommendations and approaches and also found them useful in driving higher levels of performance for themselves and their clients.”

About his experience working with the team at QuisLex, Vijaykar says, “there are strong fundamentals and a culture of learning within the system that the executive leadership has instilled, and this has resulted in a sustained drive toward excellence.”

The COPC certification process included a baseline assessment audit to all COPC CX Standard items, followed by support and training to remediate the gaps and put in additional best practices to improve overall operational performance. Lastly, QuisLex underwent a rigorous on-site certification audit to validate its compliance with high performance benchmarks set by the COPC CX Standard. The audit determined that QuisLex’s operational performance is not only “compliant” but also consistently surpasses the benchmarks set by COPC. QuisLex is the first company in the legal industry to receive COPC certification.

For more information about COPC certification, please visit https://www.copc.com/.

About QuisLex
QuisLex is an award-winning legal services provider that specializes in managed document review, contract management, compliance services, legal spend management, and legal operations consulting. Our full-time highly trained attorneys, process experts, legal technologists, statisticians and linguists work closely with our clients to reduce cost, mitigate risk and maximize efficiency. QuisLex is regularly acknowledged as a leader in the legal services industry, and is proud to be recognized by the Financial Times as an FT Intelligent Business 35, ACC as an ACC Value Champion, Chambers and Partners as a Band 1 Legal Process Outsourcing Provider, New York Law Journal as a Top Managed Document Review Services Provider, and the IACCM as its Outstanding Service Provider for contract management solutions.