Express Scripts Raises the Bar in Promoting Supplier Diversity: A QuisLex Employee’s Experience

November 16, 2018 in Employee News

Express Scripts Raises the Bar in Promoting Supplier Diversity: A QuisLex Employee’s Experience

Express Scripts recently sponsored QuisLex to attend the NMSDC Northwestern Kellogg Advanced Management Educational Program. Naveen Gullapalli, Vice President Operations, represented QuisLex at the program and provided his thoughts on this transformational experience below.

November 16, 2018 For over 18 years, the National Minority Supplier Development Council (“NMSDC”) has collaborated with the prestigious Kellogg School of Management to present the Advanced Management Education Program (“AMEP”). QuisLex was honored to recently be selected and sponsored by Express Scripts to participate in this transformational experience. Express Scripts’ sponsorship of the NMSDC AMEP is one of many ways the company champions diversity. Express Scripts is a leader among Fortune 25 companies in gender, minority, sexual orientation and age diversity programs. One such program includes cultivating strategic, lasting partnerships with diverse suppliers. Championing diversity is a core value at QuisLex and our partnership with an organization like Express Scripts that is aligned on this key value, is an honor and a privilege.

As Vice President of Operations, I had the good fortune to attend the NMSDC AMEP on behalf of QuisLex. The program was truly a magical learning experience on several fronts. I benefitted immensely personally and am confident it will lead to continued organizational growth as I share with my colleagues my learnings from the program. The NMSDC AMEP was intense and I was immersed in courses covering competitive strategy, macroeconomics, financial accounting, and leadership. It challenged me in many ways. At times, I struggled. I was forced, through the case study method, to examine difficult problems from a variety of angles. Nobody gives you the answers, but by listening to other participant’s thoughts and viewpoints, I was given the tools to problem solve. I confronted my weaknesses and I walked away with a clearer vision of how I want to improve myself as a professional. In particular, the program crystallized for me that I want to become a more inspirational leader at QuisLex and energize others in our organization to advance our core values, including diversity. The NMSDC AMEP instilled in me that much of our personal success is determined by the colleagues that surround us and, by focusing on lifting them up, everyone, including the organization and its clients, benefits. My fellow program participants were extremely diverse and from a wide range of industries. Connecting with them on a professional and personal level was a life changing experience and helped me break the limitations of my own world.  

 The core theme of NMSDC AMEP was sustainable growth. The program hammered home the need to align organizational growth with that of your client’s. This has always been a part of the fabric of QuisLex and we strive to organically grow by assisting our clients, like Express Scripts, in their efforts to grow and transform. The program offered a framework, along with concrete concepts and tools, to unleash the creative potential of our employees and identify innovative solutions to grow in the face of changing markets, technologies, and consumer demand. We hope to implement those solutions to help Express Scripts in their efforts to grow in such a marketplace. QuisLex will also benefit from my NMSDC AMEP experience because it confirmed our belief that our organization needs to continue to be one of inclusion, experimentation, and strategic flexibility (all attributes that Express Scripts possesses). I’m excited to pass on to my colleagues all that I learned at the NMSDC AMEP to drive their personal growth and QuisLex’s growth as an organization and am extremely grateful for the opportunity that Express Scripts, through their sponsorship, provided me.  

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