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The Growing Responsibilities of In-House Counsel

The effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic are still being felt today as it has rapidly transformed several industries, including the legal sector. Even post-pandemic, in-house legal departments can expect certain trends to continue, such as the growth of legal operations, the transition of in-house legal departments from legal advisers to strategic business partners, the accelerated use of legal technology, and the importance of managing outside counsel and legal spend.


January 2024 - A Crystal Ball for 2024. What to Expect in the Year Ahead

This is a great time of year. After the busyness of the holiday season and the recent year-end, we look forward with hope and optimism to all that is in front of us – a year filled with possibility. Many of us make resolutions to help stay motivated and focused on our goals.

Getting to Know Our Team: Brian Corbin

Throughout my legal career, the themes of creativity, technology, operational efficiency, and organizational strategy have repeatedly surfaced as major influences and priorities driving my daily work – topics not commonly associated with the traditional practice of law.


December 2023 - Tips for Success in Managing Foreign Language Discovery

In today’s interconnected world, legal disputes transcend borders and languages. The frequency of cross-border litigation will only continue to rise as global business interactions surge and regulatory complexities multiply.

November 2023 - Leveraging TAR beyond its most common usage to reduce cost, shorten timelines and improve outcomes

For nearly two decades, technology-assisted review has been used in e-discovery matters to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and speed up manual review of documents for the purposes of production. The technology most commonly behind current TAR models is supervised machine learning, a subset of AI.