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May 2024 - Making the Case for “Robot-Ready” Contracting Playbooks

AI can turbocharge modern legal work – nowhere more so than in contracting. In just minutes, AI tools can review content, create redlines, insert commentary and assess the degree of deviation of a proposed contract from industry standards or even a company’s standards. While it has the potential to be transformational, before AI can make even a minor impact, preparations must be made. 

April 2024 - QuisLex Celebrates Our 20-Year Anniversary!

This month the QuisLex team was excited to celebrate our 20-year anniversary.

March 2024 - Modern Trends in Outside Counsel and Legal Vendor Management

A common pain point among corporate law departments of all sizes is the management of their often-lengthy roster of various vendors and outside counsel.

Speed to Contract

No one likes a slow contracting process and speed to revenue is always important for any company. However, slowness becomes more than just an inconvenience in uncertain economic times. The lack of clarity around how the global economic situation will develop in 2024 makes it all the more important to ensure you close deals in a timely manner.

February 2024 - Forging Ahead with Generative AI? Avoid Headline-Making Blunders with These Tips

Generative AI secured its place both in headlines and in real-world usage more than a year ago. It remains top of mind for many as new applications for the technology are continually introduced throughout the legal industry and beyond.