Regulatory Compliance

Adhering to the laws and regulations that govern your industry is essential to any company’s success. Without good governance, your business is at risk of fines, sanctions, lawsuits, or shutdowns. That’s why a robust regulatory compliance program is necessary. Companies need to make sure they are operating under state, local, and federal regulations. A minority business enterprise (MBE), QuisLex provides customized programs to help your business meet regulatory requirements.
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Compliance Solutions from QuisLex

As a leading alternative legal services provider, QuisLex offers a full range of managed services for regulatory compliance. With a diverse set of clients and over 1,000 permanent employees, we are equipped to support businesses in a range of industries and countries. QuisLex works hand in hand with your legal department or in-house counsel to craft effective compliance programs and policies. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) compliance
  • Data subject access requests
  • Vendor risk assessments
  • Communication monitoring
  • Intellectual property (IP) safeguarding

QuisLex works in collaboration with your legal, compliance, and governance departments to identify priorities and key tasks we can absorb.

Navigating the Regulatory Landscape

We understand the challenges of keeping up with an evolving regulatory environment, especially in the financial sector. QuisLex partners with leading global firms that need to update existing contracts to comply with new regulations, including:

>When it comes to financial services, errors can be costly and could negatively affect your public image. A solid strategy will help you protect your reputation and avoid legal risks.

Experts in Legal Technology

Compliance management requires a clear framework for understanding and reviewing your company’s legal compliance risks and requirements. We know how difficult it can be to oversee regulatory compliance when you’re working with outdated systems or software programs that don’t talk to each other. One of the major benefits of working with QuisLex is our deep understanding of legal technology, made possible by our in-house technology team.

QuisLex’s lawyers have the support of full-time technologists, statisticians, data scientists, programmers, and security experts. We bring a cross-functional team to each client engagement, integrating cutting-edge cloud and web-based legal tools to automate routine tasks and give you complete visibility into your compliance management systems. QuisLex is technology agnostic, meaning we won’t make your company adopt a specific platform. Instead, we simply advise you on your options and help you choose the tools that work best for your business needs.


Choose QuisLex for Effective Managed Services

QuisLex is here to help your company manage a comprehensive and proactive compliance program. We work with Global 100 law firms and companies of all sizes to implement customized solutions for internal and external legal compliance. Committed to process rigor, we ground our workflows in Lean and Six Sigma disciplines to help you achieve more predictable outcomes and prevent unexpected costs. In addition to compliance support, our managed legal services include document review, contract lifecycle management, mergers and acquisitions assistance, and data breach. Headquartered in New York and Hyderabad, India, QuisLex effectively supports clients in 16 time zones and counting. For more information about how QuisLex can help your business succeed, contact us today.

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