Open-Source License Reviews

Open-source software can be an attractive choice for businesses, especially startups that are working with a limited budget. But free, publicly accessible software can also expose your company to risk. That’s why it’s best to have an experienced legal team to conduct a thorough license review. Offering a range of managed legal services, the staff at QuisLex can perform open-source license reviews for your company and ensure your software aligns with regulatory requirements and internal policies. A minority business enterprise (MBE), QuisLex serves clients all over the world.
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Risks and Benefits of Open-Source Licenses

Unlike traditional software packages, open-source software code is publicly available and can be modified by users. Open-source licenses offer several benefits, including:

  • Fee-free: Generally, open-source software doesn’t require license fees or royalties.
  • Accessible: The copyright owner typically grants users permission to copy, modify, and distribute open-source software.
  • Flexibility: Proprietary software products may not deliver the functionality your enterprise needs. Open-source software offers the flexibility to meet your specifications, provided you have the in-house talent to modify the code correctly.

However, unclear license terms may mean that holding open-source software exposes you to legal risk. Licenses likely won’t include technical support or warranties, which can create further issues.

As an experienced provider of managed legal services, QuisLex can help you develop customized policies for managing open-source licenses. We can also help you evaluate and select appropriate open-source software with a focus on minimizing risk.

Legal Compliance Support

We know that staying in compliance with a shifting regulatory landscape can be a challenge. That’s why our attorneys design compliance assurance and monitoring programs that are tailored to your business and industry. In addition to open-source license reviews, we offer:

QuisLex’s leadership team features executives with long careers in law, consulting, and information security. Combining process expertise and technology savvy, we strive to deliver unrivaled managed services.

Integrated Technology Services

QuisLex takes a cross-functional approach to our legal consulting services to go above and beyond the resources of a traditional law firm. Beyond experienced attorneys, our staff includes:

  • Technologists
  • Data scientists
  • Statisticians
  • Security and privacy specialists
  • Project managers

This diverse team of experts brings a wealth of knowledge regarding existing legal technology. If you’re considering adopting new software, we can provide straightforward advice on the potential benefits and challenges. QuisLex is technology-agnostic, so while we can recommend technology solutions to meet your needs, we never require your company to adopt a specific tool or platform.

Choose QuisLex for Managed Legal Services

No matter what industry you’re in or which challenges you are facing, QuisLex’s legal compliance services can help your organization. With best-in-class, on-demand managed services, QuisLex has worked with major corporations, Global 100 law firms, and even small startups. With support from QuisLex, you’ll be able to run your legal department like a business. By delegating license review to our team, your staff can focus on other priorities. For more information about working with QuisLex, contact us today.

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