Internal Policy Compliance

In an increasingly digitized world, companies need sophisticated solutions to ensure regulatory, contract, and legal compliance. At QuisLex, we’re dedicated to making it easier for our clients to understand regulatory requirements and manage corresponding internal policies. That’s why we’ve created customizable solutions for internal policy compliance and monitoring. Headquartered in New York City and Hyderabad, India, and a minority business enterprise (MBE), we provide comprehensive managed legal services to help clients achieve regulatory and contract compliance.
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Comprehensive Compliance Monitoring Services

Effective compliance programs help ensure a company follows all the laws and regulations that govern its sector or industry. Compliance monitoring requires a logical and well-organized set of policies and procedures that prevent violations. This also helps minimize liability and risk.

QuisLex understands the challenges that businesses face when working in an ever-shifting regulatory environment. Our goal is to simplify your compliance workflows while helping to mitigate risk and drive efficiencies. Whether we're working with a Global 100 law firm, a small startup, or a well-established multinational corporation, we tailor our services to help each client achieve the best outcomes possible.

Our representative areas include:

  • Contract services: Taking a holistic approach, QuisLex provides end-to-end management of each step in the contract lifecycle.
  • Knowledge management: We help you keep track of organizational policies, knowledge repositories, and templates.
  • Risk management: QuisLex performs sophisticated risk assessments and reviews, creates audit trails, and offers vendor and open-source license reviews.

Our project managers design end-to-end solutions for compliance monitoring, giving you complete visibility.

Advanced Technology for Regulatory Compliance

As a leading provider of legal process outsourcing, QuisLex excels at designing streamlined workflows. This automates routine tasks and creates efficient internal processes to ensure compliance. Our cross-functional approach sets us apart. We blend legal and technological expertise to give you a competitive edge. In addition to experienced attorneys, our team of over 1,000 permanent staff includes data scientists, programmers, technologists, and statisticians.

Our in-house technology team designs customized solutions to help clients integrate legal technology into their existing systems. And because QuisLex is technology agnostic, we never push clients to adopt specific tools. We simply provide candid advice on the pros and cons of different solutions. We maintain comprehensive 24/7 IT support, maintaining the highest levels of protection for data privacy and security.

Get Legal Compliance Solutions from QuisLex

Internal policies and procedures should support your success, not inhibit it. With QuisLex, you can get the help you need to establish effective systems for regulatory compliance. We understand the many demands of an evolving regulatory environment and work to expand the capacity of your in-house legal team with efficient service and a focus on continuous improvement. In addition to compliance services, QuisLex offers:

  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) support: We provide pre- and post-due diligence support for deals of all sizes.
  • Managed document review: Our team offers end-to-end review and analysis services for investigations and litigation.
  • Legal spend management: We track historic spend and perform predictive modeling to implement best practices in billing and spending.
  • Data breach support: We partner with leading cybersecurity and forensics providers to offer solutions when clients believe their data has been compromised.

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