October 2021- Consero Virtual Legal Ops Forum

October 06, 2021

October 2021- Consero Virtual Legal Ops Forum

From QuisLex CEO Ram Vasudevan:

We had a great panel on "Selling Internal Stakeholders on the Investment Into Legal Ops" with Amy Sellars of Cardinal Health, Jim Michelowicz of TE connectivity and Mike Russell of Expedia. The panel discussed (i) best approaches on selling stakeholders on investment into legal ops, (ii) unique issues (and some opportunities) due to the Pandemic, and (iii) how to manage failure when initiatives fail. Takeaways were to create and focus on right metrics so decisions are contextualized and data-based and, not to let failure faze you down. It is fine for things to not work but focus on why and how they can be fixed. Transparency is key and important to be open to new approaches and solutions, as best solutions sometimes come from unexpected approaches.

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