June 2021 - Consero Virtual Legal Ops Forum

June 28, 2021

June 2021 - Consero Virtual Legal Ops Forum

Andy Banquer

We hope you enjoyed hearing our panel discuss the drivers of change; new department roles, structures and delivery models; and how Legal Ops will play a role in shaping that future. And we hope this session provided some food for thought for each of you in your respective quests to deliver value.

Here are a few of the visions and expectations shared in our discussion:

The scope of the office of the general counsel will continue to expand to include more corporate functions, and the role of operations will expand with it to facilitate a broader reach of services and needs.

Technology will not replace lawyers, but it will enable much more client self-help and automation of common tasks, giving Lawyers the time to focus on business relationships and providing more pro-active, strategic counseling.

There will be increasing scrutiny of legal cost management and forecasting with spend justified by objectively measured results and output.

The percentage of non-lawyer roles will continue to grow and there will be an increasing need for skills in project management, data analytics, playbooking for both people and AI tools, knowledge capture and management, communications and change management.

The ecosystem of legal service providers – in-house personnel, law firms, ALSPs, CLM and other software providers – will be more interwoven and collaborative.

The Legal Department must still be the beacon of integrity, ethical practices, diversity, and good citizenship, and role-model a company culture that respects and values its people.

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