Getting to Know our Team: Govind Upadhyay

May 04, 2023

Getting to Know our Team: Govind Upadhyay

Before QuisLex, I was practicing law in the Calcutta High Court. I was fulfilling my family destiny as the 4th generation of lawyers to do so. But I was unfulfilled. Then 11 years ago I found QuisLex and my legal perspective became global. It was riveting to learn the intricacies of e-discovery and its importance in the modern-day legal structure around the world.

The review I did as part of my training is still one of the most challenging I’ve ever undertaken. It was apparent from then that a sense of collective responsibility to the company, the client, and colleagues is what makes QuisLex more than just a review shop. We are a team. We are family.

One reason for that extraordinary bond: QuisLex is a joyful place to work. “Client delight” are words we hear and repeat often – not merely “client satisfaction”. It’s difficult to bring delight to others if you are not yourself joyful. This can be challenging when undertaking a complex review that quickly grows from 2 million to 7 million documents with multiple law firm partners and tight deadlines. But these are the times our team dynamic is on full display.

Even during the most stressful of times, my colleagues know how to keep things light. It can be a hilarious joke followed by a laugh riot in the middle of the night or someone lighting up the office floor with a quirky dance or suddenly bursting into a song or the entire team taking an ice cream break. When you have a team of more than 400 individuals working towards the same cause and displaying the same dedication as the next guy, all while remaining joyful and focused on client delight, you know that you have something special on your hands.

This sense of camaraderie is just one of the many special things about my colleagues at QuisLex. Another is the way that most of my colleagues, especially those entrusted with management and senior roles, exhibit a sense of collective responsibility. Additionally, QuisLex is made up of a diverse set of talented people hailing from all regions of the country. Like me, there are so many of us who have relocated to Hyderabad for work, and they, too, have found a family outside of their own families at QuisLex.

In a market so full of competitors, these are among the reasons QuisLex has carved a niche for itself. We are unique not because we have a wide variety of services to offer or because we have the experience of handling bet-the-company matters, although these things are true. Rather, it is our shared ideology of collective responsibility and entrepreneurial spirit that never allows us to take things for granted and fuels our passion for going further to deliver client delight.


Govind Upadhyay is an associate vice president at QuisLex in Hyderabad, India. He earned a Bachelor of Laws from V.B.S Purvanchal University and a Bachelor of Science from KNPG, Gyanpur. He enjoys spending time with his family on drives, watching the newest movies or listening to the latest music (suggested by his 10-year-old daughter).


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