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Why QuisLex - Technology - Document Review

Technology: Document Review. Our clients define a “successful” document review as one that is both effective and efficient. It is timely, accurate, and cost effective (not to mention headache-free). Accomplishing this requires thoughtful alignment of intellectual capital, process discipline, and the right technology.

While there are commonalities among all reviews, the matter type, industry-specific issues, data types, timelines, data volumes, review complexity, and other elements require the ability to manage for the unique requirements of every project. In other words, one size rarely, if ever, fits all. The challenges in document review are many, and there are just as many approaches (and technologies developed) to solving them, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

The QuisLex Legal Technology Group comprised of 30+ technologists, statisticians, linguists, and search specialists, works in close concert with the review management and quality management teams to maximize review efficiency and effectiveness, and in doing so, lower the cost of discovery and review. Some of their activities include:

  • Search term analysis combined with “eyes-on-paper” review to assess results
  • Data stratification, filtering, and sampling to prioritize documents for review
  • Statistically valid sampling of system-defined and reviewer-defined non-relevant documents
  • Continuous refining of search terms based on analysis of review results and search term performance
  • Management of third-party review platform to support the review and analysis activities
  • Reporting and documentation that establishes statistically sound, quantifiable, auditable, and defensible process
  • Highly automated privilege logging and QC

Working in tandem with the Legal Technology Group, the QuisLex Development Group builds customized applications to either automate previously manual processes or enhance existing technology solutions. This includes building new applications from the ground up, such as the development of a privilege log processing application that automates many of the steps involved in creating and QCing a privilege log.

The QuisLex approach to technology, and the focus of our Legal Technology and Development Groups, is to optimize the capability of the review platform, and bring value beyond a specific technology’s limitations.

We provide the intellectual capital, process expertise, and technological sophistication to do so.