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Open Source Compliance

Open Source Software (“OSS”) Compliance. Generally viewed as collaborative in nature, open source products promote transparency and an open exchange of ideas and development. Companies are at liberty to run, modify and re-distribute open source code as long as they do not run afoul of agreed upon open source licensing agreements. However, the public accessibility of open source software comes with its own risks, as companies still must comply with the open source licensing requirements.

QuisLex helps clients identify and manage the risks associated with the use of open source software ensuring the intended use complies with license requirements. We have developed detailed best practices to streamline the product review process and facilitate coordination among various stakeholders.

QuisLex OSS management process leads to a reduction in reputational and project-specific risk, the elimination of duplicative work and cost avoidance.

Our open source management services include:
  • reviewing and summarizing major free/open source licenses (“OSS”)
  • reviewing client and third party use of open source software to identify risks and ensure license compliance
  • managing open source and third party software use
  • analyzing open source obligations with regards to the M&A due diligence process
  • drafting compliance obligations for the client and identifying license incompatibilities
  • creating open source license text files
  • maintaining a permanent record of open source software use

As a result, our clients are better able to identify and manage the risks associated with OSS and facilitate compli­ance with the licensing requirements and fully realize the benefits.