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Managed Document Review

Fully Managed Document Review. Mitigating the risks and controlling the costs associated with complex document review requires an organizational maturity and capability defined by precise processes and controls, expertise in multiple disciplines, and the infrastructure to support large-scale operations.

Our team structure, review methodologies, process discipline, training, and knowledge transfer regimens combine to provide a sustained level of service and review capability that delivers exceptional results.

To date, QuisLex has reviewed more than four billion pages, hundreds of thousands of hours of audio recordings, created privilege logs running into tens of thousands of entries, and worked on matters worldwide, spanning litigations and investigations such as Second Requests and other antitrust matters, multi-jurisdictional global Investigations, asymmetrical class action litigations, and other matters.

Our capabilities go well beyond the review of documents for responsiveness and privilege and include a number of value-added services:
  • proprietary search methodologies and empirical algorithms to:
    • assist clients in Early Case Assessments
    • help our US clients prepare for Rule 26(f) or other meet and confer sessions at the start of the review
    • help our UK clients prepare for the first CMC and compile defensible and proportionate disclosure strategies
    • identify key documents earlier in the review
    • defensibly remove irrelevant documents from the review population using statistically valid sampling
  • audit trails and defensibility analysis
  • review platform and workflow management
  • redactions for privilege, trade secrets, confidentiality and personal data/ privacy issues
  • pattern/trend analysis, chronologies and deposition analysis/comparisons
  • preparing privilege logs, and
  • trial and witness preparation assistance