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M&A Contract Due Diligence

QuisLex has extensive experience supporting organizations, many operating globally, with pre- and post-transaction contract due diligence for M&A, spin-offs, and corporate restructurings.

Companies active in M&A often need to complete contract due diligence under significant time constraints and frequently for multiple targets simultaneously. Resource constraints may make it impractical to do this internally, and the costs of engaging a law firm for the heavy lifting can be significant. QuisLex provides an alternative solution that effectively manages risk without incurring outsized costs. This allows companies to:
  1. mitigate bottom line impact of unconsummated deals
  2. consider a wider range of targets than they might have leveraging the more favorable transactional cost structure
  3. incorporate post-transaction integration considerations into the due diligence process to streamline the integration process and reduce integration risk, and
  4. increase ROI for deals that close
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