Positively impacting the practice of law


Legal Spend Management

Legal Spend management. Any organization can benefit from a review of the invoices it receives to determine compliance with its billing guidelines. QuisLex’s invoice review specialists, in concert with database, technology and quality management professionals, utilize patented processes to provide this review capability and develop analytical programs that support matter management.

Our review process varies according to the internal resource constraints and the maturity of existing legal spend management controls in an organization. Whether assisting an organization just embarking on a basic legal spend management program, or providing in-depth review and spend analytics to a legal department with a robust program, QuisLex can develop processes and quality control procedures based on billing guidelines, extract key data, and provide subsequent analysis and reports.

In either case, QuisLex invoice review and legal spend management services serve three core functions:
  1. data tracking of where and how money is spent
  2. uniform and consistent enforcement of billing guidelines, and
  3. consistent adherence to billing guidelines

These benefits enable legal department staff to focus on case management, strategy, and business impact, rather than the tedious review of invoices for data integrity and deviations from specific guidelines.

In addition to the obvious benefits of data tracking and noncompliance savings, QuisLex provides additional value through better technology utilization and immediate scalability of resources with review, process, analytics, and quality expertise.

Further, as more legal spend data is collected and analyzed over time, it can be used to make predictive decisions, such as understanding the probability of a firm meeting budget expectations based on past billing and budget variances, expense ratios, adherence to project plans, and other dashboard or score-carding metrics.