Positively impacting the practice of law


Contract Lifecycle Management

End-to-End Contract Management. Our capabilities go beyond revising, analyzing, and managing contract workflow. A vital component of our approach is to view contract management in the context of the businesses they support and the consequent need for process discipline to achieve scalability, cost control, process effectiveness, and continuous improvement. More than a transactional or event-driven resource, we provide flexible and scalable resource augmentation that integrates seamlessly with your staff and workflows.

We assist legal departments in providing comprehensive support to their business units with a constant eye toward building efficiencies with measurable results. Our clients have experienced benefits in areas such as:
  • reduced variance from contractual standards
  • better visibility into contract cycle
  • fewer negotiation cycles
  • improved compliance risk profile
  • lower cost, and
  • enhanced reporting capabilities

Leveraging both our contract and our statistical analysis expertise, we analyze transactional data to develop useful business intelligence and detailed metrics for our clients, who leverage these services to develop negotiation strategies, manage contractual commitments, reduce risk, and optimize contract value.

  • Playbook and template creation, update and management
  • Contract drafting and negotiation
  • Contract and documentation migration
  • Key term and clause extraction
  • Summarization and trend analysis
  • Reporting on key metrics and KPIs
  • Workflow design, implementation and management
  • Dual language contract support
  • Archive management
  • Training and Help Desk support