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Contract Compliance

Contract Compliance. Whether proactively as part of a document management initiative or as a remediation effort, we help organizations:
  • analyze existing contracts and contractual relationships
  • establish and demonstrate appropriate internal controls to regulatory authorities
  • design new contracting processes to ensure future compliance, and
  • implement an ongoing end-to-end contract management solution

By doing so, we help organizations and their business units more easily and consistently comply with internal policies while accounting for local business practices and jurisdictional considerations. These efforts enhance internal controls and mitigate regulatory and business risk.

While many contract compliance efforts are undertaken to improve “day-forward” contracting policies, QuisLex has the resources and expertise to help bring all existing contracts into conformance and support continued lifecycle management. We analyze existing contracts, help design, and then operationalize the improved standards.

Compliance Program Design. Compliance programs are as diverse as the institutions that implement them. Simply put, financial services institutions will have different compliance requirements than manufacturing companies or multinational conglomerates. QuisLex has the experience to develop a wide variety of compliance programs. One of our clients, which lacked the internal resources to conduct legal review on a large volume of web content developed by the company, turned to QuisLex to develop a program under which we would conduct this review in coordination with the legal department. In a post-merger context, another company turned to QuisLex to develop a program to review legacy contracts of the purchased entity to bring them into compliance with the purchaser’s contracting standards.

QuisLex is capable of generating effective and efficient processes and deploy the necessary resources to implement your specific compliance program requirements.