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  • e-Discovery: What to Request when you're Requesting
    ABA Law Technology Today (08.16.2017) - Briana Hulet
  • Striking Right Balance When Using FRE 502(d)
    Legaltech News (05.23.2017) - Robert Coppola
  • 4 Essential Components for a Successful Legal Management Spend
    InsideCounsel.com (01.12.2017) - Adam Beschloss, Steven Rudnick
  • Findings from the Ninth Annual Law Department Operations Survey
    Blickstein Group (12.14.2016) - Josh Rosenfeld
  • Law Firms Partner with LSOs to Create Value for Clients
    ABA Law Practice Today (12.14.2016) - Josh Rosenfeld and Adam Beschloss
  • Measuring the Cost of Ownership in Document Review
    ABA Law Practice Today (07.14.2016) - Philip Algieri and Adam Beschloss
  • Fixing the Privilege Log: Why the Solution Involves More than Drafting New Rules
    ABA Information Law Journal (06.1.2015) - Philip Algieri
  • A New Approach to Contract Due Diligence In M&A
    Law360 (05.27.2015) - David Klein
  • Securing a Document Review Center: A Practical Guide
    LJN LegalTech Newsletter (05.1.2015) - Michel Sahyoun
  • Assessing Document Review Using the Capability Maturity Model
    ABA Law Technology Today (04.7.2015) - Philip Algieri & Adam Beschloss
  • Legal Process Outsourcing: Efficiency and the Knowledge Worker
    Acquisition International (02.1.2015) - Philip Algieri & Adam Beschloss
  • Less Risky Business: Best Practices for Contract Management
    ILTA (10.1.2014) - David Klein & Sailaja Meesaraganda
  • Predictive Coding vs. Keyword Search: Complements or Competitors?
    The Corporate Counselor (06.1.2014) - Adam Beschloss & James Jones
  • Best Practices for Managed Document Review in RMBS Matters
    The Banking Law Journal (05.1.2014) - Philip Algieri & Andrew Goodman
  • Get Expert Help When the Regulator Comes Knocking
    Raconteur: Legal Efficiency 2014 (04.24.2014) - Philip Algieri & Andrew Goodman
  • Has Predictive Coding Made Keyword Search Obsolete
    Legal IT Professionals (04.7.2014) - Adam Beschloss
  • Using Effective Contracts Management to Reduce Third Party FCPA Exposure
    Asian Legal Business (04.1.2014) - Andrew Goodman & Sailaja Meesaraganda
  • Benefits of a Long-Term LPO Relationship
    Asian Legal Business (08.1.2013) - Philip Algieri & Andrew Goodman
  • Best Practices for Managed Document Review
    Legal Outsourcing Guide (06.1.2013) - Philip Algieri, Andrew Goodman, and Michel Sahyoun
  • Managing a Global Legal Department
    Inside Counsel (04.24.2013) - Ram Vasudevan
  • An Efficient Solution for Mergers and Acquisitions
    FindLaw (02.26.2013) - Sailaja Meesaraganda & Ram Vasudevan