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  • ING3NIOUS Northeast eDiscovery & Information Governance Retreat
    September 25 - September 26, 2016 (Boston, MA)
    QuisLex Executive Director, Client Solutions Adam Beschloss is joining a panel at the Northeast eDiscovery & Information Governance Retreat. The panel, “Measure Twice, Discover Once,” hosted by Stroz Friedberg, notes that successful companies abide by a fundamental business principle: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” Lawyers and electronic discovery professionals, however, have been slow to adopt this bedrock tenet, relying instead on reactive and subjective approaches. Click here for the event's website.
  • HNBA 2016 Annual Convention
    September 7 - September 10, 2016 (Chicago, IL)
    QuisLex is sponsoring the Hispanic National Bar Association’s 41st Annual Convention. QuisLex's Phil Algieri, Vice President, Legal Services, will be participating on a panel titled "Maximizing the Value of Your Legal Department’s Initiatives: What Really Works (and How to Make Sure it Does)." Panelists will discuss different solutions to streamline or improve legal department functions, including how to implement and manage these initiatives so they accomplish their goals and how to accurately measure results. Click here for the event's website.
  • CLOC Annual Corporate Legal Operations Institute
    May 2 - May 4, 2016 (San Francisco, CA)
    QuisLex is leading two sessions at the Annual CLOC Institute. 1) Using UTBMS Codes to Understand Legal Costs and Mitigate Litigation Spend, and 2) Contract Lifecycle Management: Reengineering for efficiency, effectiveness and value. Both sessions will be held on May 2nd. The Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC) Institute is about deep dives in critical areas of legal operations and facilitating conversation about advances being made in corporate legal operations. QuisLex is pleased to sponsor CLOC’s first annual conference and lead discussions on these two critical areas of legal department operations. Click here for the event's website.
  • HNBA Annual Corporate Counsel Conference
    March 16 - March 19, 2016 (Las Vegas, NV)
    QuisLex is sponsoring the Hispanic National Bar Association’s 7th Annual Corporate Counsel Conference. The event is attended by attorneys, judges and law students and will include the 21st Annual Uvaldo Herrera Moot Court Competition. Click here for the event's website.
  • SIFMA Compliance & Legal Society Annual Seminar 2016
    March 13 - February 16, 2016 (Orlando, FL)
    QuisLex is sponsoring the 2016 SIFMA Compliance and Legal Society Annual Seminar, the premier legal event in the United States for financial services compliance and legal professionals. The event features more than 65 dynamic panels and sessions that focus on the current regulatory and legal developments impacting the industry. Click here for the event's website.
  • Sedona Conference Working Group 11
    December 1 - December 2, 2015 (Scottsdale, AZ)
    QuisLex's Chief Technology Officer, Michel Sahyoun is participating in the annual Sedona Conference WG11 meeting which focuses on data security and privacy liability. He is co-author of the “Commentary on Reasonable or Unreasonable Data Security Measures.” Michel will join the panel to present the group’s work. The Commentary looks to identify current and prospective “reasonable” and “unreasonable” data security measures through analysis of regulatory enforcement actions and guidance, case law, legislation and regulations, and industry-based standards. The analysis identified certain principles that should guide organizations when implementing and maintaining its data security measures. Click here for the event's website.
  • IBC Legal 5th Annual Financial Institutions Litigation Conference
    November 30, 2015 (London, UK)
    QuisLex is attending and sponsoring IBC Legal's 5th Annual Financial Institutions Litigation Conference in London. With many of the most high-profile legal matters in the financial services industry over the past few years emanating out of the UK, the event is an important venue for financial institutions, as well as their law firms and service providers, to stay up to the date on the latest developments and share best practices. Click here for the event's website.
  • Fifth Annual conference at Bucerius Center for the Legal Profession
    November 20, 2015 (Hamburg, Germany)
    The theme of this year’s Bucerius CLP conference, “Man Vs. Machine? The future of legal work and how do you design the way forward?” focuses on the increasing penetration of technology and standardized work processes in what was hitherto considered a stronghold of human activity: legal services. Umar Yasin, Director of Business Development is speaking alongside Kyla Moran and Dr. Stefan Mueck from IBM. Click here for the event's website.
  • Advanced eDiscovery Institute
    November 19 - November 20, 2015 (Washington, DC)
    QuisLex is sponsoring the 12th Annual Advanced eDiscovery Institute in Washington, DC. The event has a strong educational aspect, and brings together many of the leading eDiscovery practitioners, attorneys, and judges in the country to share their knowledge on a wide range of topics, making it one of the most important industry events for those who need to stay up to date on the latest in eDiscovery. Click here for the event's website.
  • MCCA National Conference
    November 17, 2015 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
    Umar Yasin, Director of Business Development, is participating in a roundtable discussion on increasing efficiencies across contract lifecycle management at the Malaysian Corporate Counsel Association’s Annual Conference in Kuala Lumpur. The event is focused on enabling GCs from both multinational and Malaysian corporates to transform their legal departments by embracing new ways of procuring and delivering legal services. Click here for the event's website.